New Webinar Series: Mental Health is key to Success  

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It is no secret that small business owners are facing mental health challenges with rising depression, anxiety, and lack of sleep – all while trying to keep their businesses afloat. Bupa Global’s Executive Wellbeing Index, concluded more than three-quarters of business leaders (78%) have experienced poor mental health since the pandemic, exacerbated by pressures on business, the economy and reduced personal freedoms.

Energize Colorado is collaborating with CU Anschutz’s Johnson Depression Center to support these business owners. The team will host a series of three free webinars focused on supporting the mental health of small business owners in Colorado. 

Led by Alex Yannacone, the series will cover three topics: Stress Management, Mindfulness and Self Care. Alex has an extensive background in implementation and training for prevention and intervention of mental health services and education.

More about the series:

Part 1: Stress Management – This interactive talk focuses on recognizing the function and method of stress and how to understand the essential ways to reduce stress. During this training, participants will learn practical tips and tools to manage stress and change unhealthy habits. Register here

Part 2: Mindfulness – In this training, participants will review the definition of mindfulness, the research supporting it and how to easily integrate mindfulness techniques into one’s own life. Through discussion and hands-on exercises, participants will discover simple techniques to learn more on the benefits of mindfulness. Register here

Part 3: Self-Care – This interactive, collaborative training introduces the concept and importance of self-care as a basis for both personal and professional success. Participants will learn the importance and necessity of self-care and the ability to identify areas of improvement in one’s own self-care while recognizing different techniques and habits to develop a well-balanced lifestyle. Register here

Wondering if this series is for you? If you pay attention to the warning signs, you and your business will be able to stay fit and healthy during and after times of stress. Some warning signs of anxiety, depression and deteriorating mental health include: 

  • Poor sleep
  • Lack of concentration 
  • Being Easily Irritated
  • Feeling Tired
  • Intense and Prolonged Worry

Finally, everyone goes through periods of distress and physical illness. As a small business ecosystem, we are here to support the health and well-being of local business owners without judgment. Energize Colorado is here to support and encourage the mental health and wellness of all of Colorado’s small business owners.  To register for the series visit

More about Alex:

As the Director of Education and Community Programs at the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center, Alex provides programs and training addressing mental health issues across Colorado. She is also a master trainer in suicide prevention training including QPR and Working Minds. Prior to her work at the Center, Alex contributed to the oversight, management, and delivery of a statewide child abuse and neglect prevention program. Additionally, Alex has provided therapeutic services to at-risk families and the refugee population within Colorado.

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