Supporting Solopreneurs In the Wellness Industry

At Energize Colorado, we know that solopreneurs play a key role in the small business ecosystem. We also know that a large portion of solopreneurs are in the health and wellness space. That’s why our mental health team launched a workshop specifically for wellness professionals looking to start their private practice. This was designed by Kristen Jackson – Mental Health Segment leader and owner of ReCenter – and volunteer Suzan Perrault.

The virtual 6-week workshop led by Michael Bevis focused on the basic business skills needed for mental health and wellness professionals (think yoga instructor, massage therapist) to start a private practice – their own very small business. 

About the Facilitator: Michael Bevis

Michael Bevis is an entrepreneur and academic professional who is driven to help others reach their full potential. His talents and experiences are unique, encompassing the areas of business marketing, leadership, personal branding, and higher education. Previously working as an officer of a creative advertising firm, Emily Griffith Technical College and the City and County of Denver, Michael helps clients bring their product ideas to life through head-spinning promotional campaigns that help move products out the door. Michael serves as a keynote speaker and subject matter expert on topics specific to business start-up, marketing and branding, diversity, and leadership development. 

The workshop served about 40 participants across Colorado who own or plan to open a wide variety of wellness businesses. From equine therapy, to counseling, to yoga the group worked on setting up their business, defining their target customers, practicing their sales pitches and how to price their products. 

“I have been telling everybody about this amazing class I’ve been taking! Thank you so much. I signed up for this free class and I assumed it would be cut and dry and mostly a sales pitch, but I’ve already thought of some really good ideas about client retention – 100% due to this course.”

If you are also considering opening a wellness or mental health private practice, we have recorded and saved all of these sessions as a resource for you. 

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

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