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Our innovative and efficient lending services are ideal for small businesses. Unlike traditional banks, our unique approach to lending caters to the needs of small businesses in need of support.

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HOW our lending process WORKS

Complete our brief interest form to provide us with more information on your business and current needs.

If we don’t believe that our loan is the right fit for your needs, we’ll direct you to a partner for assistance.

If you’re right for our program, we’ll extend a full application for additional information and documents.

If your full application is approved, you can expect to be funded within 14 to 20 days from submission.

Eligibility Requirements for Low-Interest Lending

To access low-interest financing through Energize Colorado, ensure your business complies with our key eligibility criteria.

his includes at least three months of revenue and maintaining a favorable status with the state, among other requirements.

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Example Loan Terms

$10k loan 3-year term no collateral 7%

$75k loan, 5-year term with collateral 3.6%

$150k loan, 5 year with collateral 3.6%

Loan Terms

$5,000 to $150,000

3 to 5 year terms

Interest rates between 3.6% up to 8.5%

Please be aware that the terms and conditions governing our loan products, including but not limited to repayment schedules, fees, interest rates, and loan amounts, are subject to modification at our discretion. Such changes may reflect adjustments in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, shifts in market dynamics, or revisions in our lending policies.

Use of Funds

Our funding is highly flexible because nobody knows their business better than you.
Here’s how some of our borrowers are investing :

Capital Improvements





Debt Consolidation

Your Journey to Growth Starts Here!

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What you need to have for your application (checklist)

To ensure a smooth application process, you’ll need to provide the most recent three months of bank statements, personal tax returns for up to two years, and business tax returns for the same period if available. Additionally, a year-to-date profit and loss statement, a certificate of good standing (which can be checked here), a year-to-date balance sheet, a detailed business plan, and any quotes related to equipment purchases are essential documents to include in your submission.

Ineligible businesses

Businesses ineligible for our programs include those involved in the cannabis and gambling industries, and applicants must be in good standing with the state, possess at least three months of revenue, and be structured as a corporation or LLC.

Where does our capital come from?

Our low-interest funding options uniquely blend privately raised capital with government funding provided through the Climber Program.

How long will this take?

Upon approval, our loan funding is quickly processed and made available within 14 days, ensuring timely financial support for your business needs.

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