We are Energize Colorado

Shaping the evolution of Colorado’s small business ecosystem by advancing resiliency and promoting equity.

Catalyzing bold change for a more resilient and inclusive small business ecosystem across the state of Colorado.

Energize Colorado brings together innovators and small business owners to collaboratively tackle the systemic challenges facing our small businesses. Together, we build and test programs and solutions to empower small business innovation, resulting in a more resilient and inclusive economy.



Wendy Lea

CEO & Co-Founder

Brad Feld

Founder & Chairman

Kent Thiry

Gap Fund LLC Chair

Stabilize to Recover Team Leads

Jesus Salazer

Mentorship Team

Chris Erickson

Mental Health Team

Jason Bertolacci

Gap Fund LLC*

Innovate to Grow Team Leads

Rhonda Williams

Can Do Colorado Team

Alana Vaughn-Phillips

Digital Readiness & innovation Team

Andy Vo

Equity Team

SJ Maxted

Flexible Workforce & Ecosystem Strategy Teams

David Secunda

Child Care Team

Segment Team Leads

Kate Hyatt

Women-Owned Business Team

Carla Stephany

Veteran-Owned Business Team

Mark Madic

Rural-Owned Business Team

Erik Mitisek

Co-Founder &
Startups & Venture-Backed Business Team

Melinda Higgs

Nonprofit Organizations


Scott Romano

Chief of Staff & Director of Operations*

Sophia Elek

Marketing Coordinator*

Camber McKenzie

Volunteer Experience Lead*

Andrew Ngeow

Data Lead

* Indicates Energize Colorado Inc. or Energize Colorado Gap Fund LLC Staff

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