Energize Colorado Makes Mentorship a Flagship Initiative

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Energize Colorado Makes Mentorship a Flagship Initiative

Volunteer mentors matched with small businesses looking for economic guidance 

DENVER, May 13, 2020 – Small businesses and nonprofits have been working hard to stabilize and adapt to the current rapidly changing environment. Today, Energize Colorado has added mentorship as a flagship initiative to support, rebuild, and grow small businesses, nonprofits, and others affected by COVID-19. 

The mentorship program is designed to address the unique and urgent needs of small businesses, right now. Any small business with 500 employees or less or nonprofit in the state of Colorado can request various types of support and be paired with a volunteer mentor with relevant experience. Volunteer mentors are business leaders with a wide variety of experience across many industries, many of whom have led through previous economic downturns. Hundreds of generous and experienced volunteers have already signed up, with more volunteering daily. 

“We heard from small businesses and nonprofits that a mentorship program would be very helpful as they navigate the economic downturn,” said Wendy Lea, Chief Executive Officer. “Experienced mentors will guide small business owners and nonprofit organizations through this unprecedented economic crisis to help them get back to work.” 

The statewide mentorship guidance program is solely based on Coloradans volunteering to help other Coloradans. Mentors can offer support by checking in, sharing their perspective, brainstorming strategies, providing emotional support, identifying resources, and more. The program is flexible and up to the mentor and mentee to manage. No interviews, reviews, or ongoing participation with Energize Colorado are required. 

To apply to be a mentor, fill out this form

To apply to be matched with a mentor, fill out this form. Energize Colorado will provide a list of up to 20 potential volunteer mentors within two business days. Volunteer experts are also available to answer questions about managing your small business or nonprofit during COVID-19 via email. 

Additional resources for businesses can be found at https://energizecolorado.com/business-guidance/


Energize Colorado is a group of spirited innovators — Coloradans helping Coloradans, collaborating with our diverse business community, nonprofit leaders, and contingent workforce to find short term relief, navigate recovery, and ultimately rebuild our organizations to return Colorado to the most vibrant economy in America. Learn more by visiting EnergizeColorado.com 

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