Energize Colorado Helps the State Get Back to Work Safely

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Energize Colorado Helps the State Get Back to Work Safely

Personal Protection Equipment Available at Negotiated Prices from Reputable Suppliers 

DENVER, May 11, 2020​ – Energize Colorado today announced the launch of its marketplace (​https://energizecolorado.com/get-ppe-and-supplies/​) where Colorado businesses, nonprofits, and healthcare institutions can access the supplies they need to get back to work safely. 

“Energize Colorado invigorates the Colorado economy through myriad ways, including providing direction on how to operate in a way which ​provides a positive and safe customer and employee experience,” said Wendy Lea, Energize Colorado’s CEO. “We’re here to ensure Colorado businesses have the support they need and their employees have the personal protective equipment (PPE) to stay safe at work during the pandemic.” 

Organizations statewide have struggled to access affordable PPE. “Trying to find and negotiate affordable equipment and supplies during the crisis is quite literally a full-time job,” said Noel Ginsburg, team lead for PPE manufacturing and procurement and CEO of Intertech Medical. Ginsburg has been overseeing the acquisition and manufacturing of the PPE now available via the Energize Colorado marketplace. 

A coordinated effort across the state was necessary to avoid bidding up prices and Energize Colorado’s rigorous process evaluated suppliers to ensure quality equipment at fair prices. “In coordination with the State of Colorado and its Innovation Response Team (IRT), we can now provide PPE from reputable suppliers so our organizations and industries can put their focus on reigniting our economy. Together we’ll all get what we need and keep our workforce and communities safe,” said Ginsburg. 

This program is made possible by the Colorado Health Foundation and the Mile High United Way, which is also the organization’s fiscal sponsor. ​Energize Colorado is a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center, its fiscal sponsor. The organization is in the process of applying for recognition of our 501(c)(3) status. 


About Energize Colorado Energize Colorado is a group of spirited innovators connecting Colorado’s diverse business community, nonprofit leaders, and contingent workforce with the best of our state’s resources, programs, and people to address current challenges and spur transformative economic growth. Visit ​EnergizeColorado.com​ for more information and sign up for the newsletter ​here​. 

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