Energize Colorado Launches “Can Do Colorado” Campaign to Strengthen Consumer Confidence During COVID-19

Can Do Colorado is building consumer confidence by connecting Colorado’s consumers with small businesses across the state that are following safe practices and finding innovative ways to serve their customers and employees.

Date:  November 18, 2020

Media Contact: Scott Romano, [email protected], 720-839-3899

Denver, Colo. – In response to new public health orders Energize Colorado is releasing new content and resources as part of the Can Do Colorado campaign intended to help small businesses continue to operate safely. Can Do Colorado will continually highlight the resiliency and innovation small businesses are demonstrating to operate safely and protect their employees and customers. By showcasing best practices and featuring small businesses that are successfully walking the line between safety and staying open, the campaign aims to increase consumer confidence in local businesses.

Can Do Colorado was initially launched within Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Affairs (DORA), with pro bono support from Denver-based branding and marketing, firm Karsh Hagan as an emergency COVID response tool to support small businesses. Energize Colorado acquired the program to provide a long term home for small businesses to seek support as the pandemic continues to disrupt business as usual. Additionally, video production and animation firm Telideo Productions has committed their pro bono support to drive this program forward under Energize Colorado’s leadership.

Can Do Colorado is intendedto build consumer confidence by promoting the safe and scalable ongoing practices of local businesses. The campaign will also extend a direct call to consumers to support businesses within their communities that are currently open and following public health orders and best practices. Energize Colorado will build upon the initial success of the Can Do Colorado campaign and continue to engage with the more than 2.7 million consumers across Colorado.

“Coloradans are doing what Coloradans do best,” said Wendy Lea, CEO & Co-Founder of Energize Colorado “we’re pulling up our sleeves and getting to work. Now, we need to find new ways to safely support our local businesses by wearing masks, ordering online when possible, and doing our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We are determined to build a more resilient and inclusive economy on the other side of the pandemic. I am proud of the work our volunteer community has done to drive this impactful work forward.”

Can Do Colorado is being led by Zaneta Kelsey, founder of Delightsum and an Energize Colorado volunteer whose work has driven her to act through a lens of equity and action. “Our local small businesses are what make our communities thrive, but with COVID-19 cases on the rise in Colorado and tighter restrictions in place, it is hard for small businesses and consumers alike to keep track. Furthermore, we understand how hard this pandemic is hitting Black and Brown-owned businesses. Consumers want to continue to shop and support their local businesses, but are nervous to do so safely. That’s why Can Do Colorado highlights the incredible work being done by our neighbors, to prioritize the safety of their customers and employees.” Kelsey adds a call to action for her fellow Coloradans: “I’d like to ask all Coloradans to join me and do what they can to help support our local communities. If you know of a business that has safely innovated to serve their customers, I urge you to nominate them through our website and share their story.”

More information about the Energize Colorado’s Can Do Colorado campaign can be found at www.EnergizeColorado.com/CanDo

Access campaign assets here >>


About Energize Colorado  

Energize Colorado is a nonprofit organization, designed to help Colorado’s entrepreneurs, small businesses, gig-workers, and nonprofits recover and rise from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Led by inspired innovators and powered by seasoned volunteers from Colorado’s private, public, nonprofit, and academic communities, Energize Colorado provides free tools, resources, and programs to revive and invigorate our economy.  While founded to mitigate the immediate impact on small businesses stemming from the pandemic, Energize Colorado is eager to build the next economy — one that serves all Coloradoans, across racial and economic divides.  Learn more about Energize Colorado at www.energizecolorado.com.

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