Chamba: Connecting the workforce with Small Business Jobs.

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In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we wanted to connect with Hispanic Leaders within the Energize Colorado Community. We met with Diego Montemayor, the founder and CEO of Chamba. Chamba is the first bilingual app where jobseekers can apply to restaurant jobs without any of the language, accessibility, and cultural barriers. 

How did you hear about Energize Colorado?

I heard about EC through another volunteer, CEO and good friend of mine, David Lopez from Gritly

How have you been involved as a volunteer? 

I was involved as a volunteer for Digital Readiness. 

Tell us about Chamba! 

Chamba is the first bilingual platform where jobseekers can apply to well- paid restaurant jobs without any of the language, accessibility, background and cultural barriers. By eliminating these barriers between restaurants and jobseekers, we have opened the doors of opportunity to an underserved and untapped workforce that can solve the biggest problem for this industry in a post pandemic world: labor shortage. 

We currently focus on Colorado and New York markets, but can serve any location in the United States. 

What motivated you to create Chamba?

The democratization of employment opportunities through tech. Tech is growing rapidly but it is not being democratized at the same speed. Also, recognizing that there is not a labor shortage but a connectivity problem. 

What impact do you believe Chamba will have for both individuals and organizations?

Chamba helps organizations stay open, operate at full capacity and bring a diverse workforce in. For jobseekers, it provides a platform for opportunities that are more accessible by removing many of the barriers that block them from applying to employment. 

How can others support the work that you do?

We have over 250,000 jobseekers on Chamba, but not enough open jobs to match them with. We need more exposure on our mission. We need more jobs. We need to get Chamba to all organizations that are in need of talent. 

How is Chamba recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month?

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and highlight the importance of the Latinx workforce in the state of Colorado, Chamba is donating accounts to restaurants who are in dire need of staff. Chamba is actively solving the labor shortage in the Food & Beverage industry by connecting restaurants to jobseekers specifically looking for jobs in the industry. With this free Chamba account, restaurants will be able to hire for up to three roles for free. The best part is that once signed up, you don’t have to post right away; restaurants can keep their Chamba account and hire only when needed.

To access this opportunity, Restaurants can visit and sign up, they will automatically be credited free job listings. 

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