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On Partnerships and The Energize Community Program

When our Energize Colorado team came together in February 2022 to design the pilot for our Energize Community Program (ECP), we had two north stars: 1) to be community first and 2) to be partner inclusive.  To be community first, we focused on strengthening the connections between small business owners as well as their broader …

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August is Black Business Month

In Colorado, we are always proud to be the fastest growing state for Black Immigrants, but especially during Black Business Month.  Colorado has a long, rich history of Black-owned businesses. This history is best exhibited by Denver’s Five Points community. Five Points became a central point for Black Americans moving to Denver in the 1920s. …

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Our partners at The Fax Partnership created the overview below. The Fax Partnership’s mission is to strengthen and support East Colfax residents and small businesses while promoting equity and advocating for community-serving development. The Fax understands how important it is for our businesses to choose the right financial partner. This overview includes comprehensive information from …


Applying for a Loan 101

Get step-by-step support on the documents you need to successfully apply for a loan. We understand that applying for loans can be overwhelming  – especially for small business owners who already handle every aspect of a business. That’s why we’ve put together step-by-step instructions on the documents you need to successfully apply for a loan. 

The New Builders

A couple of weeks ago, Aiysha Johnson of GBE Labs asked us a great question in a podcast Q&A about our book, The New Builders.“Why,” she said, “did you put women and people of color together into a group when you created The New Builders?” It was a perceptive question.  One of the underlying constructs …

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