A letter from Energize Colorado CEO, Bonnie Watson

Dear Energize Colorado,

Energize Colorado has made an incredible impact on the lives of countless Coloradans. From guiding us through the challenges of the pandemic to providing invaluable resources for entrepreneurs, and now, as an impact lender, Energize Colorado has an exciting future.

I am honored by the trust placed in me by the Board of Directors to take the helm, steering Energize Colorado through the next chapter of our journey.

I grew up in Evergreen, Colorado, proudly considering myself a native Coloradan; the mountains will forever be my home. My educational journey led me to Colorado Mesa University, where I studied finance (back when it was known as Mesa State – Rumble Mavs!). Later on, I earned my Masters in Finance from Colorado State University.

My professional journey began in banking, where I started as a management associate and credit analyst. Over time, I built and managed a multimillion-dollar portfolio of commercial business and residential clients. My banking career taught me two critical lessons. First, while banks are valuable lending institutions, they primarily serve established businesses, often leaving early-stage entrepreneurs to fend for themselves. Second, there was a great need for character-based lending, especially for those underserved entrepreneurs who are striving to grow their business.

My career path took a turn when I assumed the role of Managing Director at the Telluride Venture Network. At TVN, I became deeply immersed in the realm of venture capital, high-growth startups, accelerators, and mentorship programs. My work in Telluride continued to bring me closer to Colorado’s rural communities, reinforcing my profound respect for small business owners.

Over the past decade, I have had the privilege of mentoring, accelerating, and funding over 100 businesses in Colorado and beyond. As a fourth-generation entrepreneur myself, this journey has illuminated one fundamental truth: the lifeblood of our economy and the charm of Colorado’s main streets are owed to our small businesses.

Keeping this truth in mind, I am excited by the prospect of Energize Colorado (EC) continuing to create a lasting impact on the lives of small business owners throughout the state. I am committed to providing impactful capital and invaluable resources, guided by a steadfast philosophy: entrepreneurship is a rewarding journey, though a path less traveled as it is not for the faint of heart. At EC, we stand ready to help accelerate this journey with our impactful capital solutions.

I’ll close by saying how thrilled I am to be here. I am excited to lead Energize Colorado into a future filled with promise and possibility. 

Bonnie Watson

CEO, Energize Colorado

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