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Remote Employer Spotlight Call

Energize Colorado is putting together a company spotlight call where we will be highlighting companies hiring remote employees throughout Colorado. Joining us on this call will be economic developers and community leaders throughout the state who are interested in connecting with and helping companies like yours with quality jobs find quality, remote employees. Zoom Link: …

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring Remote Employees

Hiring is hard. Hiring remote employees that you’ve never met and may never meet is really hard! During this panel discussion we’ll talk to hiring experts on how they think about hiring remote employees and some tips they have for doing it effectively. Zoom Link:

Protecting Company Culture in a Remote World

“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” is a quote we’ve all heard before. But how does a company that used to work in person protect and strengthen its culture remotely? During this panel discussion we’ll speak to some CO entrepreneurs who have built strong companies and company cultures while working remotely. Zoom link:

Shifting HQ & Real Estate Needs

We’ve seen a lot of disruption to the Commercial Real Estate industry during COVID. The mass adoption of remote work management styles has many companies reevaluating their HQ’s as well as how they should be thinking about their purpose within company culture and efficacy. During this panel discussion, we’ll hear from industry experts and business …

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Remote Work Overview and Landscape

Remote Work and the mass adoption of it during COVID has impacted almost every industry and employer in some way shape or form. During this call Energize Colorado will interview some of the leading Remote Work experts in the country and get their opinions on how these changes will impact our businesses/jobs today and in …

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