Cheat Sheet: Sidewalk

What is Sidewalk?

Sidewalk is a local ecommerce marketplace for independent retail sellers.

Think: Amazon meets DoorDash for your local retail shops.

It enables people located nearby to quickly find and buy the products inside your store while helping you facilitate a relationship with these new customers.

What can it do for my business?

  • Help you discover new local customers and get them to come to your store
  • List your products digitally so that new customers can see and buy your products online
  • Sidewalk is a good-fit for any Denver-area store that wants to go digital but in a locally-focused manner.
  • Shopify and other Ecommerce solutions can end up talking up a lot of your time Sidewalk is easy and help you focus on your local community.

Watch the Video

Lizzy Lee is here from Sidewalk along with Tallis Salamatian from The Savvy Entrepreneur to help you understand what Sidewalk is and how it can make a difference for your local business.

Quick Facts

  • Did you know that for every dollar spent at a local store, 45 cents is circulated back into the local economy.
  • Compare that to only 11 cents for a typical big box store and only 4 cents if you make a purchase on Amazon.
  • Its really amazing how big of an impact you can make on your local community just by shopping nearby!

The Sidewalk Experience

Quickly See Stores in your Area

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See Popular Items

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Browse a Local Store

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