Cheat Sheet: SEO Tips and Tricks

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Strategies that you use to make your website rank near the top ads on Google.

What is covered in the webinar:

  1. Understand what Google is looking for
  2. Importance of Keywords
  3. Optimizing your blog posts
  4. Optimizing your website

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Jennifer Oldemeyer is here from Panorama Consulting Group to share four tips about how to get started with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Quick Tips

Tip 1 – Understand what Google is looking for

Google is trying to satisfy its users searches, so when a user searches for a specific term they have a goal and Google wants to satisfy the intent of that search.

Tip 2 – Importance of Keywords

Keywords are an important mechanism that Google uses to measure the ability of a web-page to satisfy a search. Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. If you want to improve your websites SEO, you are going to want to create blog posts that focuses on keywords that matter to your business or organization.

Tip 3 – Optimize Your Blog Post

To optimize your blog posts you are going to want to make sure you are targeting the right keywords. Start by searching keywords that you think are important and see what content is at the top of the search and use this as a guide. Now its very important to not plagiarize any content, Google is very good at identifying plagiarism, but by analyzing their content you can get a good understanding of what Google does value and then you can try to emulate it in your content.

Next its important to understand the distinction between short and long tail keywords. Short keywords are short searches where as longtail keywords are wordier searches for example: “mechanic shop” vs. “mechanic shop Longmont, Colorado transmissions and engines”. Your going to have a much easier time getting started to target longer tail searches which are going to be less competitive and easier to rank-on.

Another important tip when optimizing your content is to make sure that any images you upload contain the keywords you are targeting in their file names, and further to add tags to your images that match your keywords. You should also make sure that the URL for your post contains those same keywords that you are intending to target.

Tip 4 – Optimize Your Website

Another major factor in search ranking is the ‘domain authority’ of your website. This is a measurement of how much authority Google thinks you have in a certain domain. It takes time to improve this measurement but you can check it via websites like this one.

One last tip is the important of backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites back to your website. These can go a long way to improving your domain authority. To get more backlinks you should start by writing good content that people are interested in, organically overtime this will go a long way to improving your results. Additionally it can be advantageous to look at your competitors and see what backlinks they have on their website and seeking out these other or similar sites to see if you can get a backlink as well. It will be slow progress at first but even a few can start to make a big difference.


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