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In partnership with the Cyber Readiness Institute, we are piloting a free program focused on helping business owners protect their business from cyber attacks. Our pilot program was held in the Spring of 2022. Stay tuned for future program dates.

One of the most important components of being digitally literate is protecting your business from hackers. Small businesses account for 53% percent of cyber attacks. Energize Colorado Digital Readiness has partnered with the Cyber Readiness Institute to help protect your business. The program is free, easy to use, and offers practical solutions that will help address the human behaviors that make your business and employees vulnerable. 

This online program includes three live sessions and a self-directed online curriculum. By the end of the short course, you’ll be better able to protect your business from cyber mayhem.

Reach out to [email protected] for more information.


What is the program?

This program brings together small businesses in a cohort-based model to improve the security of their business. You’ll go through a facilitated kickoff event, a live workshop, and self-guided online programming. You’ll receive 1-on-1 support from an Energize Colorado advisor throughout the duration of the program.

The online learning program, developed by CRI, focuses on human behavior with information on key cyber issues like phishing, the importance of passwords and software updates, and what to do if you face a security breach. The curriculum then transitions to a plan for implementation. You’ll go through each phase of the program sequentially, to first build a foundation of understanding, then turn that knowledge into action.

The online learning program includes the following: interactive content and actionable information, a playbook that gives guidance for establishing business protection policies and a security plan, a workforce training toolkit to empower you to train your employees, and a certificate of completion.

Who are the program participants?

We launched our first cohort in the Spring of 2022. Stay tuned for future offerings.

What do you get from the program?

You will benefit from both live virtual events and self-guided online programming. Additionally, you will be matched with an Energize Colorado business advisor who you’ll meet with on a bi-weekly basis as you complete the online programming.

By the end of the program, you will know: how to protect your business from cyber attacks, how to train your employees to help your business be cyber secure, and you will receive a certificate of completion.


Connect with a Business Advisor

Get matched with an expert business advisor.

We have volunteer business advisors with a wide variety of experience across many industries, and can match you to someone with experience relating to your unique challenges.

Parker Dewey

Hire a student to do it for you!

Parker Dewey connects businesses like yours with college students across Colorado to complete projects at an affordable rate. It’s easy to get started!

Mastercard Digital Doors

Mastercard is helping small businesses open their digital doors

Energize Colorado and Mastercard are partnering to bring small businesses resources and education to help them digitally transform and open their Digital Doors.


We have an active group of 100 volunteers across the State. We’re building a better, more equitable future together.

Michael Nguyen is Co-Founder and CEO at Arcana Capital Group Inc and serves as an Energize Colorado volunteer.


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