After COVID-19  every company is, in some way, a tech company. Is your company ready?

The pandemic sent massive amounts of business online, but not every entrepreneur was equipped to meet customers there. Digital innovation is more than a website. Colorado’s business leaders need complex models and infrastructure to successfully pivot into the digital world. We’re here to share why these changes are vital to your business and provide resources to support you in making these changes.

We’re working to educate business owners on how to transform their business models to meet the demands of a post-COVID-19 marketplace.

We are doing this by:
  • Sharing educational and actionable resources for small business owners that allow them to both learn the steps of digital transformation and implement them
  • Bringing Colorado businesses online to the digital new digital marketplace with websites, social media, and a 21st-century strategy for longevity.
  • Creating organizational networks to inform and engage members, opinion leaders, and the general public.



Join our panel of website and digital marketing experts to learn some of the best tips and tricks on how to get started.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can seem to be a daunting or even impossible task but Keith Roberts is here from Zenman to demystify SEO and tell you what many SEO agencies will not: 3 easy ways to get started that you can do right now.


When most people think of social media marketing they think of hawking products on Facebook – NOT Nick Armstrong – he knows that social media marketing is about creating connections and he knows how to do this in a way that makes a difference for your business.


Join Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing to learn more about the basics of digital marketing, the best platforms to be on, and the tools you need for success. Each platform has different audiences, different monetization strategies, and all work together to advance your business goals. Get watching and get digital.


Energize Colorado and Mastercard are partnering to bring small businesses resources and education to help them digitally transform and open their Digital Doors.


Join Keith Roberts and Tallis Salamation for the first video in our new Digital Readiness & Innovation series highlighting the importance of going digital. The tools and resources are out there for your business to get online, watch this first video the learn the importance of the switch!


Websites showcase your product or service to the world and create legitimacy for your business. Kanitha Snow is here from Kanitha Studio along with Scott Romano from Energize Colorado to help you quickly get started with a website for your business.


Jumpstart your understanding of Digital Marketing with Energize Colorado and Mastercard Energize Colorado and Mastercard are partnering to bring small businesses resources and education to help them digitally transform and open their Digital Doors. Learn more here.

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Get matched with an expert business advisor.

We have volunteer mentors with a wide variety of experience across many industries, and can match you to someone with experience relating to your unique challenges.

Parker Dewey

Hire a student to do it for you!

Parker Dewey connects businesses like yours with college students across Colorado to complete projects at an affordable rate. It’s easy to get started!

Mastercard Digital Doors

Mastercard is helping small businesses open their digital doors

Energize Colorado and Mastercard are partnering to bring small businesses resources and education to help them digitally transform and open their Digital Doors.


We have an active group of 100 volunteers across the State. We’re building a better, more equitable future together.

Michael Nguyen is Co-Founder and CEO at Arcana Capital Group Inc and serves as an Energize Colorado volunteer.


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