Copper Door Coffee Roasters

Copper Door Coffee Roasters

Copper Door Coffee Roasters’ success story is nothing short of remarkable. It serves as a true testament to the tireless efforts and unwavering dedication of its founder, Hannah Ulbrich. Starting from scratch in her garage, Hannah taught herself the ins and outs of the coffee roasting business with a determined spirit. Today, Copper Door Coffee Roasters stands proud with multiple locations and strong wholesale relationships with some of the largest grocery chains in the country. This small business’s journey underscores the importance of hard work, perseverance, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to quality. In this small Business Success Story, we’ll take a closer look at Hannah’s commitment and willpower that led her to establish a thriving business.

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What is your name? And what is the name of your business? 

I’m Hannah Ulbrich, owner of Copper Door Coffee Roasters.

How long have you been in operation? And what services/ products do you provide?  

I purchased Copper Door Coffee Roasters ten years ago in 2013 from my neighbor.  We literally rolled the small coffee roaster down the street from his garage to mine on a furniture dolly!  I learned how to roast in my garage when my kids went to sleep at night.  From there I have grown a lot.  Now I own four cafes and a wholesale business that includes local restaurants, markets, hotels, offices, and even large accounts like Safeway and Whole Foods.We also believe in working with our community, so we offer coffee classes like cupping, latte art, and espresso basics.

What makes your business different? And what would you say is your small business superpower? 

In the beginning, I got a lot of press for being the only woman-owned roasting company in Denver.  That showed me that I had an opportunity to support other women.  Now, we purchase the majority of our coffee from women coffee growers around the world in an effort to create financial equity. 

Since the majority of restaurants (and coffee shops) fail, my extended family thought I was crazy.  There were a lot of “Are you sure?” conversations, and while I wasn’t sure I would succeed, I knew I had to try.  I don’t come from a family of successful people, so what made me believe I could be successful?  I just trusted myself to not quit!  A few years into owning, I heard the statistic that less than 2% of Woman Owned businesses hit the 1M mark, and I made that my goal.  We were on track to do 1M in sales in 2020, but we lost over 70% of our business.  You see, we wholesale to hotels, restaurants, offices, co-working spaces, bars- all of the places that shut down.  We had a few small markets and grocery stores, and they kept us inspired to keep going.  It took two years post-COVID to get our balance and meet that goal.  It took a lot of tears, a lot of stress, a lot of late nights, a lot of planning, and a lot of work to be one of the 2% of Woman Owned businesses to make it, and I am so proud of myself.  That is the thing I am most proud of, I didn’t give up!

What has been the driving force behind your business? And in what ways are you hoping to grow in the future? 

I started working at the age of 12 to pay household bills, first in food service, then in coffee. I loved being a barista, helping people in the mornings. Knowing barista jobs in the 90’s wouldn’t move me from poverty, I paid my way through college to become a teacher. As a teacher, I wanted to educate people, show them a way out of poverty.  I taught in low income high schools for 6 years. When I had my own kids, I saw teaching wouldn’t cover day care. Owning a small business is where I can  keep learning, give people something they love, and help women around the world. Owning a coffee business means I get the best parts of teaching, learning, and helping.  Now I have a vision to create financial equity for women all over the world.

Where can people find more information about your business? And do you have any closing thoughts you’d like to add?

You can find us online or Instagram if you like pretty coffee pictures @copperdoorcoffee

We have four local locations you can come and grab a coffee, some beans to take home, or local pastries-

2890 Fairfax St. Denver, CO 80207

7581 E. Academy Blvd. Denver, CO 80230

1085 York St. Denver, CO 80206

7301 S. Santa Fe Drive, Littleton, CO 80120




Copper Door Coffee Roaster’s success story is truly inspirational, showcasing the remarkable power of hard work and determination. Hannah is a prime example of an individual who saw a gap in the market, identified a need, and used her own passion to fuel the small business’s growth. Not only did she overcome tremendous obstacles to build her dream from the ground up, but she also demonstrated that tenacity is key in achieving success. It goes without saying that Hannah has established an incredibly successful business that will continue to thrive and make its mark both within the coffee industry and our local community. 

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