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We’re sharing some of the stories and experiences of our amazing volunteers as a way to show our gratitude for the positive impact they have on our work and throughout their lives.

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Marc Wheeler

Mentorship & Digital Innovation

“I feel fortunate in the career I have had, consulting and mentoring startups (Strategic Options). Working with the smaller businesses, I see the passion that they have and the drive and determination it takes to succeed. These businesses have so many roots in the community. Customers can go in and grab their coffee and have a conversation. If they are regulars, the barista starts to recognize them and a community is formed with the personal touch. COVID disrupted all of this. However, thanks to COVID I connected more with my community.

For me, COVID really brought the idea of understanding the person behind the businesses. I gained awareness around my personal community and discovered local businesses that had been in my neighborhood all along.  I now shop at a small hardware shop and a family-run donut shop. These were both businesses that I would always walk past but never actually entered much less shopped at. With the extra time and desire to connect again thanks to COVID, I explored these shops. COVID helped me go in.”

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Royce Gomez-King

Business Guidance Mentor

“My industry has been completely disrupted by the pandemic. I am a startup coach (Your Startup Coach). Before COVID I could work with my clients in shared spaces, shared spaces that made it easy for people to feel connected and even network. With COVID, I saw my clients becoming more isolated. I remember being on a Zoom call with an artist and she walked around her studio on Zoom showing me everything. She could no longer have a storefront presence to show off and sell her work. There were no longer art walks or gallery showings for people to discover her.

Together we had to figure out to build an online presence and essentially turn her business completely digital. We learned how to use Instagram and through there built a community and found her customers. It was all about a new approach, adapting to our environment. Her clients were still there – we just needed a tactic to reach them!”

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