Energizing the economy through the generosity of Coloradans helping Coloradans.


Energize Colorado is a group of spirited innovators connecting Colorado’s diverse business community, nonprofit leaders, and contingent workforce with the best of our state’s resources, programs, and people to address current challenges and spur transformative economic growth.

We’re powered by passionate volunteers from the private and public sectors along with universities from across the state. Working together, we’ll harness and share knowledge, create partnerships, and build new solutions where they’re needed, including advocating for long-term structural changes.

We’re Coloradans helping Coloradans—reflecting our state’s unique history of independence, generosity, and innovation. By leveraging our strengths and operating with a sense of urgency, Energize Colorado will build an inclusive movement that restores Colorado to the number one economy in the nation.

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Energize Colorado is a nonprofit 501c3 organization bringing our diverse professional community together to provide relief to local small businesses, supporting them in recovering from the economic impact of COVID-19.