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Find actionable information to help manage your business during COVID-19

Updated Jul 21, 2020

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Build a plan for reopening your business

We’ve brought together information from health experts, business leaders, and government officials. This template outlines themes to consider to protect yourself, your employees, and your customers.

For the latest COVID-19 guidance, review Colorado’s Safer at Home information, the state government’s current public health and executive orders, and your county’s public health orders.

We’re at our best when we learn together. If you fill out the template and would like to share your plan as an example on our site, please email [email protected]

These resources are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal or professional advice. No user should act on the basis of any material contained here without obtaining proper legal or other professional advice specific to their situation.

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Additional resources

Department of Labor guidance on managing your workforce during COVID-19

  • Who’s eligible: Small businesses
  • What it is: Stay up-to-date on the latest workforce information for employers, including info on paid sick leave, workplace preparedness, workforce reduction alternatives, employee assistance, and more.
  • Take action: Check out the Department of Labor and Employment’s resources and FAQs
  • From: Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, State Government

Chamber of Commerce resources to help you manage your business during COVID-19

  • Who’s eligible: Small businesses
  • What it is: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has compiled a coronavirus guide to help you find resources and guidance to help your small business survive the COVID-19 impact. 
  • Take action: Browse the resources in the Coronavirus Small Business Guide.
  • From: U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Federal Government

Choose Colorado resources for businesses during COVID-19

  • Who’s eligible: Entrepreneurs, small businesses, rural businesses
  • What it is: The Colorado COVID-19 Business Resource Center compiles the latest state and federal updates that impact businesses, including economic-related COVID-19 announcements, support programs, public health information, and email updates to the business community.
  • Take action: Read the information in the Business Resource Center. Check back frequently, as content is updated regularly.
  • From: Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade (OEDIT), State Government.

CDC guidance on managing your business and responding to COVID-19

  • Who’s eligible: Businesses and employers
  • What it is: The CDC has put together guidance for you to prepare your business for exposure, transmission among your employees, and how to maintain healthy business operations and work environment. 
  • Take action: Get specific information and guidance on how to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and lower the impact to your business with the CDC’s Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employer.
  • From: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Federal Government

OSHA guidance on reducing the impact of COVID-19 for COVID-19

The latest CDC public health information on COVID-19 in the United States

  • Who’s eligible: Anyone
  • What is it: The CDC has updated public health information and guidance including how to protect yourself, what to do if you feel sick, and how the case data in the United States is developing.
  • Take action: Learn the latest health, safety, and US case data on the CDC’s COVID-19 site.
  • From: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Federal Government

The latest Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment information on COVID-19 in Colorado’s COVID-19 business survival guide

  • Who’s eligible: Small businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits
  • What is it: Inc.’s put together a list of resources, tools, and guidelines for navigating your business and workforce during COVID-19. The resources cover topics such as cash flow, staffing, leadership, and managing debt.
  • Take action: Browse the list of resources.
  • From: Inc. Magazine

Articles about small businesses’ response to COVID-19

Set up free curbside pickup for your restaurant with AppIt

  • Who’s eligible: Restaurants
  • What it is: Set up curbside pickup scheduling with AppIt’s Curbside online ordering tool. The service is free to use and you keep all generated revenue.
  • Take action: Set up an AppIt account.
  • From: AppIt Ventures

Sell gift cards online for your small business

  • Who’s eligible: Small businesses
  • What it is: List your small business on independent websites to sell gift cards online to keep revenue coming in during closures or limited services.
  • Take action: Learn more about the sites and sign up to be included:

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