Mental Health Resources

You're not alone—find support

We’re all experiencing emotional discomfort in this time of unprecedented change. Sometimes this can lead to struggles in daily life, or disruptions to physical health.  We’re here to help.

Updated Jun 5, 2020

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Educational resources to help you and your employees stay well


Connect with mental health professionals to get support

  • Sondermind: Free help finding a therapist who fits your needs, accepts your insurance, and is available to see you in person or via video sessions
  • Open Path Psychotherapy Collective: Online psychotherapy sessions between $30 and $60 after a lifetime membership fee of $59, as long as there’s financial need.
  • Coronavirus Online Therapy: Free and low fee online therapy for front line and essential workers
  • Talkspace: Therapy via messaging
  • Better Help: Therapy via video conferencing and messaging
  • Energize Colorado Therapy Connection: We’ve brought together mental health professionals to offer free and low-cost therapy, in an effort to make sure that anyone who needs support is able to access it.

If you’re a licensed mental health professional looking to provide free or low-cost sessions, please fill out this short form and we’ll reach out soon to learn more and discuss details.

Find support groups

View mental health professionals by region

We’ve compiled a list of mental health professionals and practices in Colorado, so you can view available resources near you.


Mental Health Crisis Help

If you’re in extreme emotional distress or thinking of ending your own life, please call 911 or contact: