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Updated May 20, 2020

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PPE and Supplies Marketplace

Products include cloth face coverings, surgical masks, vinyl gloves, individual and bulk hand sanitizer, and disinfectant. KN95 Masks and nitrile gloves are also available, for healthcare institutions only.

You’ll need to provide confirmation that you’re a business/institution and located in Colorado—individuals and resellers aren’t able to purchase. We’ll expand as we get access to new products!

Products Delivered to Date

ProductNumber Delivered as of May 19th
Hand Sanitizer - 1 oz.7,800
Hand Sanitizer - 32 oz.1,600
Hand Sanitizer - 64 oz.744
Face Coverings265
Surgical Masks6,380
Nitrile Gloves4,900
Vinyl Gloves10,000
Disinfectant - 1 gallon100