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Small business or nonprofit? Find professionals available to help, free of charge

Updated Jun 9, 2020

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Request free professional services

Answer a few questions about your small business/nonprofit and what you’re looking for, and we’ll match you with Colorado volunteers who can help for free. 

We have volunteers with a wide variety of experience across many industries (consulting, fundraising, graphic design, accounting, etc.), and can match you to someone with experience relating to your unique needs.

How it works

When you complete the form to be matched with volunteers, we’ll ask a few questions about your business and the type of professional services you’re interested in to help us find the right experts.

When we’ve found volunteers available for the type of work you requested, we’ll send you their contact information and a description. You can decide who you’d like to contact, and get in touch directly!

Additional resources

Get free assistance from a network of financial professionals

  • Who’s eligible: Small businesses
  • What it is: Lew’s List in partnership with High Plains Advisors and Foundry Group have assembled a group of CFOs, controllers, and other senior finance professionals to help businesses survive the COVID-19 crisis. This is a free financial assistance network.
  • Take action: To learn more about the resource network, read this blog post. Then, request free financial assistance.
  • From: Lew’s List, High Plains Advisors, and Foundry Group

Get free Yelp advertising and services

  • Who’s eligible: Primarily independent local restaurant and nightlife businesses that are open.
  • What it is: Yelp is waiving advertising fees, and providing free advertising, products, and services during the COVID-19 outbreak. Yelp’s relief support is largely focused on independent local restaurants and nightlife businesses, but they’re also supporting other local businesses. 
  • Learn more: Learn more about Yelp’s COVID-19 response and find more info about relief for restaurants and nightlife
  • From: Yelp

Request legal assistance from the Colorado COVID Small Business Legal Program

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