The Energize Colorado Child Care Initiative provides targeted resources and customized mentorship to child care providers in Colorado.


“I had to make the decision to either pay myself, or employees, because I could not do both.”
-Child care provider via phone interview in March 2021

Colorado’s economic recovery hinges on ensuring that people can get back to work, and affordable and accessible child care is key to doing so.


Accessible and affordable child care in our state was identified as a common business concern through one of the leading groups in Energize Colorado in April of 2020. Our job is to support existing child care providers to stabilize and grow, as well as innovate. We do this by creating programs to give providers needed business acumen

Child Care Innovation Intensive

The Colorado Child Care Innovation Intensive provides a unique opportunity for you to explore, develop, and test new ideas for how to radically shift the way your childcare program operates. 

Your organization will join a small group of not more than 10 providers who will come together with expert mentors, skillful facilitators, and the backing and resources of CDHS-OEC, Gary Community Investments, Mile High United Way, and more, to impact not only your program but improve the state of child care across Colorado.

Child Care Critical to Workers

Access to child care is necessary to work support and disruptions in care arrangements or the inability to find affordable child care options disproportionately harm women and people of color’s workforce participation.

Child Care Providers in Crisis

COVID-19 slowed, but did not stop, the entrepreneurial spirit of Colorado’s child care in-home and center providers. Child care providers in Colorado face unique challenges.


24% of Colorado families with infants and toddlers rely on formal center-based care; 9% have a nanny; 6% use family child care homes, and the remainder have informal child care, or patch together multiple arrangements (relying on family members, informal care, and center-based care in combination). About 39% do not rely on any child care, with only parents providing care.


Family Child Care Homes – provide less than 24-hour care at any time for up to 12 in the provider’s place of residence. Licensing is required and the home must meet local zoning standards and meet state family Child Care Home licensing requirements. Family child care home providers must complete a 15 hour child care pre-licensing training, as well as first aid and CPR, universal precautions, and some additional pre-service or orientation trainings, but none of this includes any business training.


Child Care Centers – provide care for 15+ (up to several hundred) children who are between ages six weeks and 18 years. The center’s purpose is to provide child care. The center operates for more than one week during the year.


We have an active group of 100 volunteers across the State. We’re building a better, more equitable future together.

Michael Nguyen is Co-Founder and CEO at Arcana Capital Group Inc and serves as an Energize Colorado volunteer.

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